The Machine Shop That Will Take You Into the Future

From product development to equipment maintenance, our tool and die shop will help keep your business strong into the future. We offer reverse engineering, engineering services and part repair

Reverse Engineering
Have a broken part? Bring it to us. We'll manufacture a whole new part!

Is something not working? We'll help you engineer the part and work on the assembly so you get things working as they should.

Are parts wearing out? Atomic Engineering can help you keep your machines in good repair. We recut threads, true up dimensions, clean and grind surfaces and more.

How We Provide Our Services

Electrical Discharge Machining
Our Wire EDM facilities offer you several advantages. We can assist you with prototype production. Our WIRE EDM facilities enable us to produce complex shapes, difficult to produce with other cutting tools. We can also ensure that hard materials meet very close tolerances.

Wire EDM also allows us to work with very small work pieces without causing damage. No matter how delicate your material is, we can machine it without distortion. And the final part will have an good surface finish.

CNC Machining
Our machine shop is digitally automated using computer numerical control (CNC) equipment. This gives us considerable freedom and accuracy in our turning and milling operations. Additionally, our shop is fitted with conventional machines as well. So whether your part is best produced through metal removal or fabrication, our machine shop can handle the task.

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