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Atomic Engineering began in 1928, a time when American manufacturing was facing times just like today. It took vision to grow a business in those times.
We provided the machining support services that America's manufacturing industry needed then and provided the building blocks that helped this nation's recovery from the depression.

Little did we know that our aiming for the moon would actually place one of our parts there in the Lunar Rover! Focusing on quality is an important part of vision.
While times and technologies have changed our core values and vision still make a difference today. Our role is to build the business of others, knowing ours will only do as well as those we serve.

Our machine shop remains one with vision and perception.

We know you can't do well, unless we do our job well. Core to our business vision is delivery of quality machining whether it be plastics, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or bronze alloys.

We're a family owned business. That adds a sense of responsibility to every service we provide. We all take pride in what we do for our customers. We expect our customers to hold us to the highest standards, yet that's not the only reason we only do the best work possible. You need finishes and plating that holds and parts that are hard enough to do the job right the first time. We are focused on keeping your immediate and long-term costs down.

Atomic Engineering's machine shop is here to help your business succeed. We're committed to helping you keep your costs down.
We have a vision for your future. Call us today at 847-228-1387.

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